BOTSY- The Wall Drawing Robot

Draw Outlines at LARGE-Scale.

For Mural Artists, Woodworkers and DIYers

Botsy is a drawing robot. It is a portable, easy-to-set-up wall drawing machine. It can automatically draw your vector art accurately, fast and at a large-scale. 

Save your time by quick outlining, get more projects done, and make money.

Patent No: US 10,877,459 B2

How to use Botsy.

vector files digital artist graphic designer drawing Illustrator

Import your vector file into our software to generate a Botsy control file.

The wall drawing machine receives a vector image wirelessly. It helps to transfer the upscaled DIY murals, pictures, lettering to a wall faster. The drawing robot is a very good alternative to the projector, punch paper, and carbon transfer paper.

Send your file to the drawing robot via Bluetooth to start outlining.

painting DIY woodwork murals wall paint plywood how to.  This art tool Botsy can save up to 10 times on the upscaling process. The robot can be an alternative to the projector, punch paper, and carbon transfer paper.

Once the outline is made, color in your artwork or cut out your shape. Enjoy!

How to set up Botsy.

Commercial mural drawing robot Botsy installed on the wall.  This artistic robotic tool scales up and transfers images, pictures on a wall. This drawing machine outlines fast, precisely and saves time. There is no need for carbon transfer, punched paper.

Stick Botsy to the Wall. No Nails

Clean removal- no need for screws or nails. Use popular 3M Command Strips to stick Botsy temporarily to a wall, a whiteboard, plywood or other surfaces. Thanks to our patent design, you can install or remove the drawing machine quickly with no damage to the wall, no tools needed. When the artwork is done, hangers come off easily no damage, no nail holes, and no cracked plaster. Use Crayola washable markers to “draft” artwork on walls in real size before permanently coloring in the mural. If the art drawing is not right or if your client requests a change, simply wash away the design, correct it, and let Botsy redraw. You can use this new artistic tool to draft, outline, and experiment.

A mural artist uses the drawing robot Botsy for an outdoor wall lettering. This robotic tool scales up, transfers images and big lettering on exterior walls. The lettering is drawn fast. In Particular, there is no need for a projector, punched paper.

Lean Botsy againts the Wall

Instead of using 3M Command Strips, use our Adjustable Poles to lean the horizontal track with the drawing robot against a wall. This method is especially recommended for mural artists who paint outside on large walls, or for those who plan to draw on rough surfaces. The add-ons include two Adjustable Poles that extend up to 12 feet. This allows to move Botsy in blocks quickly to cover large areas and to draw with Botsy up to 12 feet. Just extend the poles and let Botsy outline your image. In order to trace images on cinder blocks or rough walls, add the Rough Surface Pen Holder at check-out.

Why do Artists love Botsy?

"Botsy saves time..."

SAVE TIME by transferring and outlining your designs faster than with traditional methods: projector, carbon paper, punched paper. Therefore, add Botsy to your artist's tool kit. Repeat artwork for different clients, paint while Botsy draws, and let the machine outline repetitive patterns accurately.

That's why there is no need to wake up before sunrise to set up a projector for an outdoor artwork. Botsy is an extra helping hand in your toolbox.

"Botsy expands my creativity..."

EXPERIMENT with upscale, complex images and patterns, different designs, and geometric perspectives. Add repetitive and otherwise tedious elements to your art. The robot draws exactly what you want at the scale you desire.

For this reason beginner artists can start large and learn fast. Graphic designers can bring digital art to the real world. Interior decorators can trace geometric patterns in modern homes.

"Botsy adds flexibility..."

DRAW ON different vertical surfaces: drywall, inside & outside walls, glass, whiteboards, chalkboards, plywood, plastics or metals.

DRAW WITH off-the-shelf markers, pens, pencils, whiteboard markers, chalk markers or washable markers. Ultimately use your favorite brand of markers.

BRING IT to your client’s location, a friend’s apartment, a family home or a company’s office. Botsy is lightweight and can be taken apart to transport in a car.

What Botsy users say.

"Botsy bridges the gap between my digital art and the physical world. It is an amazing tool."

– Chris, Digital Artist

"Botsy has helped us finish our large outdoor mural faster. After that I don't have to wake up at 5 a.m. to use a projector anymore."

– Steffen, Mural Artist

“It’s an amazing product to enhance your business, to get your name out when your customer is coming in at a reasonable price.”

– Tom, Owner of Griffins Restaurant

"I'm not limited to my small printer anymore. This tool allows us to draft designs in real size before we start cutting & manufacturing."

– Felix, Sign Shop Owner


The hand painting is really easy over the outlined, upscaled image and traced by the drawing machine. Now your painting style can be used to complete the mural artwork on the wall. That's why this art tool helps with DIY murals and stained glass projects.
A happy woman holding the colorful wooden rooster made of plywood and hand painted.  Because of accurate tracing by the drawing robot, this DIY project was easy to realize with successful outcome.
The sports car wireframe is drawn on a whiteboard by Botsy. The drawing machine upscaled and transferred the car image with high precision. Now you can discuss the design, make changes and simply redraw the new image.
The office mural with Jeep art. Firstly, this awesome mural was traced into a large size image by the XY vertical plotter. Secondly, the outlined mural was hand painted. Because the robot draws vector images, the final Jeep art is very realistic.
Folk art horse mural painted on a wall as modern home decoration. The mural drawing robot Botsy sized up the image. As a matter of fact, this artistic tool saves a lot of time on boring sketching,  gives more time for creative painting or for designing.
russian window decoration woodwork. The drawing machine Botsy helped outline the window elements on plywood using solid markers. This tool simplifies the image transferring and allows to make image copies easily.
An engineer stands in front of a whiteboard with schematic drawings. The XY vertical plotter can upscale complex technical images like Block Flow Diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, and Schematics Circuit Diagrams.
A girl stands in front of an office logo wall mural. Botsy transferred the office logo to a wall. The drawing machine scales up and speeds up the office mural painting process without a projector, graphite transfer paper or punched one.
Botsy installation diagram with 3M Command strips allowing no damage to the wall.

Technical Specifications

Connectivity: Bluetooth FCC Approved Class 2 and USB
Software: Botsy runs on Inkscape (graphic design software for vector files) and Universal Gcode Sender (to start/pause drawing, and manually control Botsy)
Documents: Botsy User Manual includes software installation, tips for using vector files, Botsy assembly, Botsy setup, drawing instructions, troubleshooting, and maintenance instructions
Drawing Area (a x b): 85” x 65” / 216 cm x 165 cm (Botsy size 8‘ x 6’) or 61” x 42” / 155 cm x 107 cm (Botsy size 6’ x 4’)
Pen and Marker Range: 0.35" - 0.86" (9mm - 22mm). For example, a typical Sharpie marker is 0.47” (12mm) in diameter
Clearance from Pen Holder to Wall: 1/2” (12.7mm)
Electrical Power Adapter: input 100 - 240VAC, output 12VDC 3A
Botsy Weight: 4lbs (Botsy size 8‘ x 6’) or 3lbs (Botsy size 6’ x 4’)

Hardware Requirements: Laptop with Bluetooth and/or USB port
Software Requirements: Java 8+ installed. Windows 2000 or newer, MacOS X 10.4 or higher, or Linux.

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