BOTSY- The Wall Drawing Robot


Robot Designs Home Decor

Dubai, UAE: GITEX Technology Week, 2019
Robot Helps Artists Paint Murals - Gitex Technology Week


“Gainesville Sun” Newspaper, July 31, 2017
UF Grad-Created Gadget Speeds Art Process

Her invention, named Botsy, helps artists get the job done faster by automatically drawing any design on a vertical surface...


“Alligator” Newspaper, July 27, 2017
UF Alumna Puts Botsy, A Mural-Making Robot, To Work

Sketching a mural on a wall is a long and difficult process, but UF alumna Liza Kholodkova found a way to save both the effort and time: get a robot to do it...


“WCJB TV20”, a local TV station
Former UF Student Builds Robot That Could Revolutionize Large Mural Paintings

A robot called Botsy, uses a computer program to tell the robot what kind of outline it should make...


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