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“Gainesville Sun” Newspaper, July 31, 2017

UF Grad-Created Gadget Speeds Art Process

Liza Kholodkova used to be frustrated at the amount of time and effort spent sketching a mural on a wall — a process that used to take days, and even weeks, by hand. Now she has a robot do it for her.

Her invention, named Botsy, helps artists get the job done faster by automatically drawing any design on a vertical surface. The robot uses software to generate a control file that can be sent via Bluetooth to start outlining.

“It really helps speed up the creative process,” Kholodkova said.

The 25-year-old created Botsy’s prototype after graduating from the University of Florida with a dual degree in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering in 2015. It took her two years to finalize the product.

Last year, the University of Florida’s Integrated Product and Process Design program commissioned her to create a mural in the department’s hallway at the College of Engineering.

After finding an artist best suited to create the design, she began preparing for what will be the largest mural her robot will create.

The piece, which will be 30-by-6 feet, features diverse technologies and disciplines involved in IPPD, including images of drones and 3D-printers.

“The mural is going to make the hallway more unique and personal,” she said. “It’s a physical representation of the spirit of IPPD.”

IPPD Director Keith Stanfill said he commissioned Kholodkova because he wanted to make the hallway more memorable to students.

“There wasn’t anything inspiring about our hallway before,” he said. “I thought this mural would be a great way to blend art and technology, which speaks to what we want our engineers to be: well-rounded people.”

Stanfill, who also taught Kholodkova, said he was impressed with her speedy progress with the mural.

The outline would have normally taken at least one week, Kholodkova said. Botsy finished it in four hours.

“I want this hallway to inspire people before they walk through the door to the design lab and I want folks visiting to remember this place,” said Stanfill.


“Alligator” Newspaper, July 27, 2017

UF Alumna Puts Botsy, A Mural-Making Robot, To Work

Sketching a mural on a wall is a long and difficult process, but UF alumna Liza Kholodkova found a way to save both the effort and time: get a robot to do it.

Kholodkova’s invention, a robot named Botsy, can help muralists who want to make their artistic process easier. Depending on the size of the mural, a sketch could take an artist days or even weeks to complete, Kholodkova said.

Botsy can finish it in a couple of hours.

In 2015, Kholodkova graduated from UF with a dual degree in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering and began a company called BeDrawn, which sells her invention to muralists looking to save time. While living in Gainesville and painting murals as a hobby, she noticed how difficult it was to initially map the murals out, leading her to create and build Botsy’s original prototype after graduating.

Last year, UF’s Integrated Product and Process Design, or IPPD, program in the College of Engineering commissioned Kholodkova and Botsy to create a mural in the department’s currently barren hallway. It will be the largest mural Kholodkova and her robot have created thus far.

In its largest form, Kholodkova said her small robot is normally able to produce mural sketches that are 8-by-6 feet. However, the piece for IPPD will be 30-by-6 feet, requiring Botsy to be used in four different blocks.

“They thought my project was cool,” Kholodkova said of the College of Engineering’s proposal. “When they called, I wanted to come up with something that captured the spirit of (IPPD).”

Once Kholodkova agreed to lend Botsy for the engineering building’s new hallway mural, she began a yearlong search to find the artist best suited to creating the design. By chance, while watching videos on YouTube, Kholodkova stumbled upon the channel “Kurzgesagt,” which translates to “In A Nutshell” in German.

Kholodkova said she instantly fell in love with the channel’s artwork style and emailed them asking if they would design the mural. Much to her joy, they responded and said yes.

“They took some kind of scientific concept and tried to explain it in simple terms,” she said. “When I emailed them, they actually replied.”

According to IPPD director Keith Stanfill, the College of Engineering wanted to fill the blank hallway wall leading up to their department.

“It looks like it leads to a morgue,” Stanfill said. “I wanted something memorable to make the hall more interesting, and I want it to showcase the combination of technology and art.”

Stanfill said he was inspired by Kholodkova’s commitment to the project, which he considers a nontraditional path for engineering students to take due to its artistic focus.

On Tuesday, Botsy began outlining IPPD’s future mural. Kholodkova, along with a group of volunteers, plan to spend the rest of the week filling it in with paint.

Stanfill said the mural, a collection of images of people and technology, reflects the mission and purpose of his program.

“It captures the spirit of what we do,” he said.


“WCJB TV20”, a local TV station

Former UF Student Builds Robot That Could Revolutionize Large Mural Paintings

Liza Kholodkova says she was tired of spending countless hours drawing the outline of murals, she said "the fun part is coming up with the idea of what to draw, not tracing it"

So she came up with an idea to eliminate all that time. A robot called Botsy, uses a computer program to tell the robot what kind of outline it should make.

Liza will insert a marker into the slot and it is held into place, she then instructs it on the design and it goes into movement drawing the outline.

Liza says she has been working on this project for two years, and that it can be useful for all types of artist, whether you are a painter, a woodworker or just a DIY person.

You can visit her webpage at for more information about Botsy.



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