BOTSY- The Wall Drawing Robot


Visit to view the most recent version of the FAQ, which is available to the public. The Arts and Crafts area has a ton of videos and examples that show you how to utilize Botsy for different kinds of tasks. That FAQ is updated frequently.

Some sections are only available to customers of Botsy. If you would want additional details about the drawing robot before making a purchase, please contact us for complete access.

Software and File Type

What file types can Botsy draw?

Botsy can draw vector files: .AI, .SVG, .DXF, and .EPS.

Vector graphics are based on simple elements like lines, circles, rectangles, curves, and dots. This brings a big benefit for Botsy- vector graphics can be scaled to any size without loss of accuracy or resolution. For example, vector artwork from your computer screen can easily be enlarged to a wall-sized drawing without losing image quality and without pixelation.  

I'm not familiar with vector files. Where can I find vector files?

How do I send Botsy my art files?

What operating system can I use?

Botsy Setup and Operation

What surfaces can I attach Botsy to?

We have two attachment systems.

Botsy attaches to a wall using 3M Command Strips.  3M recommends to use their product on smooth sealed and finished surfaces; including painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, painted cinder blocks, plaster, metal, and painted walls. 3M recommends fresh paint to be fully cured (check paint can for manufacturer's cure time) before using Command products.

For any other surfaces, we recommend using adjustable poles to lean the wall drawing robot against the surface. For rough surfaces, see the next question.

Can Botsy draw on rough surfaces?

How do I physically attach Botsy?

What can I draw with?

Can I use multiple colors?

Can Botsy print or fill in colors?

Shipping and Delivery

When will my order arrive?

Each Botsy is manufactured in Stuart, Florida. We make Botsys in batches and test each machine before shipping. Please allow three weeks for manufacturing plus shipping time. If you need faster delivery, please contact us.

Can I return Botsy if I'm dissatisfied?

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