BOTSY- The Wall Drawing Robot

Technical Specifications

Botsy installation diagram with 3M Command strips allowing no damage to the wall.

Drawing Robot Control: BotsyART is based on an Arduino microcontroller and a vertical 2-axis CNC machine or wall pen plotter. You control it via Bluetooth or a USB cable from a laptop.

Software: Botsy, the automated drawing robot, is controlled manually and operates on free software including UGS Platform (Universal Gcode Sender), GRBL and Inkscape, a graphic design program for vector files.

External Dimensions of the Installed Drawing Robot:

BotsyART 86, length: 8 ft. x height: 6 ft. (244 cm x 183 cm)

BotsyART 64, length: 6 ft. x height: 4 ft. (183 cm x 122 cm)

Robot Drawing Area, length x height:

85 inch x 65 inch (216 cm x 165 cm) for BotsyART 86

61 inch x 42 inch (155 cm x 107 cm) for BotsyART 64

By adjusting the drawing machine's position horizontally or vertically, you can enlarge the drawing area even further. This will create a tile set made up of adjacent sketching areas for a large wall artwork.

Robot Drawing Speed: the wall drawing speed can vary depending on your art project requirements. For example, at the medium drawing speed, it takes 25 to 30 minutes to transfer this detailed vector graphic, which is 85 inches by 65 inches, on the wall (see The Drawing Area above).

Draw and Erase: We advise using commercial Dry Erase or Crayola Washable Markers if you need to experiment, sketch a sample, or make temporary vector wall art. The wall drawing may then be quickly removed from the wall by simply washing it off with a moist sponge or cloth and wiping it off with paper towels in less than a minute.

Pen and Marker Range: 0.35" - 0.86" (9mm - 22mm).

The drawing machine doesn't require exclusive markers. You have a wide range of choices available to you on the market, including Permanent Markers, Dry Erase Markers, Washable Markers, Chalks, Chalk Markers, Pencils, etc. In any case, pick the one you prefer to use for drawing. For example, a normal Sharpie marker has a diameter of 0.47" (12mm), but a chalk marker has a diameter of 0.64" (16mm).

Clearance from Pen Holder to the Wall: 1/2” (12.7mm)

Electrical Power Adapter: input 100 - 240VAC, output 12VDC 3A, UL certified

Weight: 4.0 lbs (1.8 kg) for BotsyART 86 and 3.4 lbs (1.5 kg) BotsyART 64

Hardware Requirements: a laptop with Bluetooth and/or a USB port. The laptop does not come with the BotsyART tool set.  It is offered with all necessary software pre-installed and set up.

Software Requirements: Java 8+ installed. Windows 2000 or newer, MacOS X 10.4 or higher, or Linux.

Documentation: We have launched a new online service for our customers:
You can find there a user manual and instructions for software installation, wall drawing robot assembly, tips for using vector files, setup instructions, drawing instructions, troubleshooting instructions, and maintenance instructions.
Note that the FAQs section is only open to the public.

Patent No: US 10,877,459 B2. 

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