BOTSY- The Wall Drawing Robot

Additional 3M Command Strips


Additional 3M Command Strips

There are 36 additional medium-sized removable adhesive strips.

When you purchase a BotsyART, it comes with 36 adhesive strips.

DO NOT REUSE 3M Command Strips. If you mess up with it or remove it, always use a new strip.

Use Botsy hangers (floaters) to install the drawing robot indoors only. Botsy can be temporarily attached to a wall, a whiteboard, plywood, or other surfaces using popular 3M Command Strips. Because of our patented design, you can quickly install or remove the drawing machine with no damage to the wall and no tools required. When the artwork is finished, the hangers easily come off with no damage, nail holes, or cracked plaster.

Use only 3M Command Strips that are less than 9 months old. If they sit on a shelf for over 9 months, the adhesive layer starts drying out and losing its strength. When the strips are attached to a wall, this drying process stops.

It’s a good idea to write down the expiration date when you buy 3M Command Strips.

* This is the pricing if you buy with BotsyART. If you only purchase this item, we will include the shipping cost. We might also use a third-party fulfillment service.

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