BOTSY- The Wall Drawing Robot

About Us

Our Company

Our mission is to bridge the technological and artistic worlds. People's minds are changed by art; it broadens our horizons and transforms spaces into experiences. Art captures our culture's spirit, the pulse of the people, and passes it to future generations. Technology provides us with tools and helps to reduce repetitive work.

Our team was brought together by a shared interest in technology and art. We want to give artists the tools they need to finish more work, save time, and share their artistic vision with a larger audience.

Botsy, BotsyART our first product, aids in the creation of large, accurate, and fast outlines. Botsy is a modern drawing tool created specifically for artists.  This drawing technology gives artists new ways to make their generative drawings, algorithmic art, geometric designs with geometric patterns, 3D murals, pixel art, and other works bigger by moving them to the walls.

Botsy is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Stuart, Florida. We are proud to say that the device is made in the United States.

Founding Story

Botsy was founded by Liza Kholodkova. She'd always wanted to combine her two life passions: art and engineering. After graduating from the University of Florida with degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering, she decided to pursue the American dream and start her own business.

Liza decided to solve a problem she encountered while painting murals by applying her engineering knowledge and product design experience. Outlining a large mural took a long time and was a tedious process. It is more enjoyable to paint and design a mural than to draw an outline. Botsy, the wall-drawing robot, was born.


Botsy is made in the USA

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