BOTSY- The Wall Drawing Robot


Decoration is a good way to make something more attractive or festive.

Our mission is to remove the boundary between the technical and the art world. Art changes people's minds, it opens our imagination to different worlds, it transforms spaces into experiences. Art captures the spirit of our culture, the heartbeats of the people and leaves it for future generations to discover. Technology brings us tools and helps reduce repetitive work.

Our team is united by the love of art and technology. We want to give artists the tools they need to get more work done, save time, and share their artistic vision with more people.

Our first product, Botsy, helps draw outlines large, accurate and quick. Botsy is a modern drawing tool, engineered for artists.

We have two locations - Fort Lauderdale and Stuart, FL - where we design, engineer, and produce Botsy. We are proud to say that we manufacture the device in the USA.

Founding Story

Botsy was founded by Liza Kholodkova. She always wanted to combine her two life passions: art and engineering. After graduating University of Florida with Mechanical and Aerospace engineering degrees, she decided to pursue the American dream and start her own company.

Using her engineering knowledge and product design experience, Liza decided to solve a problem she faced when painting murals. To outline a large mural accurately took a long time and was a tedious process. The fun part of a mural is painting and coming up with a design - not drawing an outline.



Botsy is made in the USA

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