BOTSY- The Wall Drawing Robot

About The Company

Our mission is to bring the Technology for expanding access to the Art.
We created a new commercial art tool- the large-scale wall drawing robot. This machine helps reduce time for repetitive work, radically decreasing time for transferring images to a wall. 

Our first product, Botsy, helps scale up the vector art, draw outlines at large-scales, and is very accurate and quick. It is a portable, easy-to-set-up machine which draws on walls.

It was a simple idea behind the wall drawing robot- spend more time on designing, not on outlining.

We want to give the professional artists/muralists the tool which allows them to save time, get more work done, and share their artistic vision with more people. Therefore, a professional artist with the SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute) diploma, has estimated that Botsy speeds up to 10x times the wall outlining process for complex vector art vs a pro artist.

We want to give the amateur artists, hobbyists, DIYers the drawing tool which helps to make the large format and accurate mural graphics from the beginning. We offer the drawing machines which give you a confidence boost by accurately enlarging the vector artworks and vector graphics on the walls.

Our company designs, engineers, and produces the wall drawing machines.
We are proud to say that Botsy made in the USA.

Founding Story

The Botsy company was founded by Liza Kholodkova. She always wanted to combine her two life passions: art and engineering. After graduating University of Florida with Mechanical and Aerospace engineering degrees, she decided to pursue the American dream and start her own company.


Using her engineering knowledge and product design experience, Liza decided to solve a problem she faced when painting murals. To outline a large mural accurately took a long time and was a tedious process. The fun part of a mural is painting and coming up with a design - not drawing an outline.

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